Flying Down the Cape Town Suburbs – Video Series

Decio Lourenceo The Glen Red Bull DHX Longboarding SA

Flying Down the Cape Town Suburbs – Video Series

Part 1: Kloofnek Bomber Raw Run. 

This first episode in the series is a reminder of the video that made Decio famous when he bombed down Kloofnek road and set off the speed camera. These streets are crazy busy with traffic and it’s definitely not advisable to skate in these conditions. But take note of how much control Decio has over his board. He is able to stop whenever he needs to. 

Part 2: Downhill Skater Nearly Knocks Over Pedestrian

Although the title is “clickbait”, there are another 2 minutes and 40 seconds in this video worth your time! The traffic in this video is more hectic than the first but again, Decio is super alert and you can see he knows this route better than the back of his hand. Watch as he anticipates that car pulling out from the left and he leaves himself plenty of room to get around the pedestrian. 

Part 3: Revisiting the Old Red Bull DHX Track

You’ve seen this hill in a few videos. It’s one of South Africa’s gems! The Red Bull Downhill Extreme was held there from 1999 to 2002 but for whatever reason, there have been no events there since then. This is probably the fastest you’ll see anyone bomb down “The Glen” while it’s open to traffic. You’re not Decio so don’t try this. You might die. 

Part 4: Bombing the Lions Back. 

This is Signal Hill in Cape Town. Probably the safest to skate and one of the first hills most Cape Town beginners started on. Well back in the day at least because these days there is a very high risk of getting fined by the Police there. 

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