Lush Longboards 2012 Range

Lush Longboards

Lush Longboards 2012 Range

Rocker Concave, Camber Profile, multiple wheelbase options on top-mounts and drop-through decks, X-Flex and 4X construction are just a few of the tech specs that these boards feature. Finished off with Chrome Graphics by artists like Pete Fowler, Jethro Haynes and Phil Harvey, the new Lush Longboards stand out from the many average longboard designs available these days.

Lush Longboards

Lush Vandella Deck

Lush Antuna Deck

Lush Shocker Deck

Lush Sequel

Lush Symbian Deck

Lush Elevator Deck

Lush Machine Deck

Lush Generator Deck

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