Welcome to team Sabre – Mike Upham!

Mike Upham Hot Heels Africa 2011

Welcome to team Sabre – Mike Upham!

Mike Upham Hot Heels Africa 2011

Gerhard: First things first, what setup do you run at the moment?

Mike: Boardyard custom deck, Sabre trucks, Biltin bearings, Seismic bootlegs 83a, Vans shoes

G: Why did you start skating downhill?

M: My brother John started building boards in the backyard and I just started foaming to try one out.From that day on I can’t stop dancing.

G: On the topic of your brother, his aero lids are getting faster and faster, withinternational interest growing…will we see a prawn-fada pro model anytimesoon?

M: I am getting my spoet kop which is gonna make me poes faast. I got it in orange and don’t smark that colour – it reminds me of an apartheid telephone booth. So now I am gonna get it in lime green with a pearl over coat mos.

Welcome to team Sabre – Mike Upham!

G: You have been riding Sabre Trucks since you started skating downhill. Whyare Sabre Trucks that rad?

M: In my opinion they rad because of the perfect angles used and the 190 mm width. They also can be flipped without a problem and any bushing fits in them without any issues. Cape Town Fizzers had started as a Facebook platform to get people together for sessions, and had grown to a full-fledged Cape Town skate community. Tell me about the idea behind the Fizzers and how it has grown?

CTF started because of the need to fizz (skate) everyday. The original CTFizzers started off with about 5 to 10 of us that used to skate town area every night. We would charge hard knowing in the back of our minds that the ale after will be well deserved. Sometimes if we felt brave we would go for a second bath after our refreshments.

We used the page to communicate time, venue etc. CTF has grown with about 400 fizzers. It still serves its main purpose to organise bathing missions and arrange meeting spots. Its main function now is more of a trading platform for us to sell and buy skating equipment.

G: Being a Fizzer, you skate with anyone from little groms to the Dark Fatherhimself. Any skaters, up and coming or settled in the scene, that inspireyou?

M: A lot of skaters inspire me, every skater can teach you something. But My father Richard Dweza inspires me the most and has spoon fed me from birth. dankin papa !!

Alex Troy Meyer has the natural skills embedded inside him by his parents. His skills and board control are at a higher level than most kids his age. He inspires me a shit load!!!!!

Mike Upham at Redhill

G: Most skaters have a dream or a vision of what they want to achieve in a fewyears…any big plans?

M: My plan is to keep on having fun and to feel free on my board. If I can achieve this, winning races and free stuff will just be a bonus for me. I wouldn’t mind being the Pope of South Africa in a couple of years though.

G: You are a designer of occupation, churning out pretty amazing stuff underthe brand Amaquondo. Do you think being “a creative type” has influencedyour skating?

M: Yes , I think skating is an art. The more creative you get with your skating, the more amazing things you will be able to do.

Mike Upham Slide Jam

G: Favourite meal?

M: Eisbein

G: Favourite saying?

M: Craig

G: Favourite beer?

M: Erdinger weissbrau, wurzig aromatischer weissbiergenuss

G: Favourite SA race?

M: Hot heels

G: Favourite book?

M: Scope

G: Favourite thing to hate?

M: The high petrol price

G: Do you believe in a zombie apocalypse?

M: Yes

G: Most disgusting thing you’ve eaten?

M: Human feecees

G: Choose a number between 1 and 666?

M: 28

Mike Upham Houwteq

Look out for Mike frothing a hill near you!

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