DB Lunch Tray Review

DB Longboards Lunch Tray

DB Lunch Tray Review

Length: 36″
Width: 9.5″ widest, 9.25″ at middle
Concave: 0.69″
Continuous Rocker: 1″ continuous

DB Lunch Tray bottom

Best described with one word: “loose”. A board perfectly tailored to match one’s deepest free-ride fantasies. It has bullish features such as some of the largest wheel flares imaginable, just to keep you glued to your board when doing switch toe side checks at 99km/h. The wheel flares allow for the running of practically any wheel out there, with wheelbite being just a distant daydream.

 The adequate concave coupled with inclusion of rocker allows for a board that is more than comfortable in a tuck, and at its longest wheelbase keeps you stupidly stable. The extremely variable wheelbase makes for a nimble beast that can take the tightest of lines…all while maintaining a relatively secure hold on your board.

Sabre CF-38 Baseplates

Flush cuts means your trucks are mounted at their true geometry, which allows for the accurate inclusion of angled risers to finetune that perfect ride. The board sits low when mounted with 38-degree Sabres, but this is not to the detriment of the classic top mount feel that has become so popular.

The Lunch Tray’s build quality is top-notch, but razor tail and bumped noses are inevitable once one realises how easy it is to throw the board around. Ollies, Shuv-Its and the rest of all your old-school shortboard shreddage will leap back to life with the generous nose and tail left behind by the short wheelbase.

A jack-of-all-trades, do-it-all board that will fill all your needs. Buy one! Now!

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